Manage institutions’ investment portfolios: The asset under our management is amounted to USD 360 million equivalents to VND 7.560 billion. Assets invested include government bond, municipal bond, corporate bond, listed and non-listed stocks, USD denominated and VND denominated bank deposit.

We currently manage the portfolios for Manulife Vietnam’s Regular Premium Unit-linked Products. These funds invest in various types of asset as has similar operation mechanism with open ended fund but with various life insurance benefits attached. Manulife Vietnam offers to the clients five options for Regular Premium Unit Links (“RPULs”), including:

-              Money Market Fund: mainly invests in money market instruments like long term and short term bank deposits with the lowest investment risk.

-              Preservation Fund: Mainly invests in bonds and money market instruments…..

-              Balance Fund: invest 60% fund asset in equities and 40% in bonds

-              Growth Fund: target investment structure is 70% equities and 30% bonds

-              Aggressive Fund: target investment structure is 90% equities and 10% bonds. The fund has the highest investment risk profile.

After signing the insurance contract for RPULs, the investor is able to flexibly invest more or withdraw the investment based on the Fund’s net asset value at Fund’s weekly trading date.

Life is always changing and unexpected events happen every day. You may think your option is only life insurance. We bring you Manulife’s RPUL products.

Long term investments and solid returns help you to achieve your financial goal via investment portfolio diversification combined with life insurance benefits that protects your family in case of mishaps.

Please click here for further information about Unit link products.

Moreover, we also provide the portfolio management services for individual investors who have large excess cash holdings or capital available for investment and look for the professional, experienced and globally reputable asset managers to manage the assets for them.