Retirement is when you stop working and no longer have a regular monthly income stream. How can you enjoy an independent, enjoyable and carefree retirement life? Start planning, saving and investing today with Manulife - My Freedom product.

Manulife - My Freedom is a voluntary pension program managed by Manulife Vietnam and established upon the mechanism of co- contribution of employers and employees under the individual account basis. This account will be preserved and accumulated by investing in the financial market by the professional and experience investment team at Manulife Asset Management (Vietnam). Established and operated under the scope of Circular 115/2013/TT-BTC issued by the Ministry of Finance on August 20, 2013 and effective since October 15, 2013, Manulife - My Freedom is one of the first voluntary pension funds in Vietnam with the goal of providing individuals with the financial tools necessary for saving for retirement in conjunction with the mandatory Social Insurance scheme.

The remarkable features of Manulife - My Freedom in comparison with other traditional investment products include firstly  its very long-life cycle and secondly the capital guarantee feature with a minimum guarantee interest rate offered by Manulife Vietnam throughout lifetime of the product. This brings you the stability and safety needed for your retirement future when you participate in this scheme. Built upon the mechanism of individual accounts, assets in these individual accounts belong solely to the participants, completely separate from the employer and the insurance company. At the same time, this mechanism allows considerable flexibility for the participants when they change jobs, make additional contribution or stop contributing temporarily. 

Fund’s Investment structure: low risk as at least 70% of investment is in fixed income.

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