Investment strategy

Investment objective:
The investment objective of MAFEQI Fund is long term capital appreciation while reducing investment risks to certain extent.

Investment strategy:

  • A large portion of the portfolio is allocated to non-cyclical stocks such as consumer goods, health care and telecommunications.
  • The rest is invested in growth stocks in cyclical sectors
  • Asset allocation between non-cyclical and cyclical stocks is flexibly adjusted depending economic cycles.

Fund Characteristics

  • Fund name: Manulife Equity Fund
  • Abbreviation name: MAFEQI
  • Fund type: Open Ended Fund
  • Fund establishment license no. 16/GCN-UBCK by SSC on October 20th, 2014
  • Fund Management Company: Manulife Asset Management (Vietnam) Company Limited
  • Supervisory bank: HSBC bank (Vietnam) Limited
  • Asset allocation: The Fund invests primarily in listed equities and a maximum 10% weight in non-listed securities
  • MAFEQI is suitable for investors that have high risk appetite and seeks long term capital appreciation.

Trading CCQ

Date frame: 
NAV Value
Report date 01/01/18 VND14,071 4.10%
Previous Report Date 25/12/17 VND13,517 0.72%
Trading frequency: Weekly on Monday and Friday
Minimum subscription: VND 500,000 (fees included)
Minimum holding: 10 fund units
Subcription fee 
 Subscription Amount (Fees included) Up to VND 500 mil  More than VND 500 up to VND 1 bil  More than VND 1 up to VND 10 bil More than VND 10 mil
 Subscription Fee  3,0%  1,5%  1,0%  0,5%
 Systematic Investment Plan MAF-Invest  1,5%  0,75%  0,5%  0,25%
Redemption fee
 Fund certificate holding period  6 months  More than   6 months to 12 months   More than 12 months to 18 months   More than 18 months
 Redemption fee  2,0% 1,5% 1,0% 0%