Manulife Vietnam


As a member of Manulife Financial, Manulife Vietnam is proud to be the first 100% foreign-owned life insurer in Vietnam. The Company is also the only foreign-owned life insurer in Vietnam that owns a headquarters building worth US$ 10 million.
The Company now offers a wide range of innovative life insurance products, from traditional products to health, education, investment, and pension, etc. to over 480.000 policies through a strong and professional agency force at 32 offices in 25 provinces/cities across the country.
Besides its professional agency force, Manulife Vietnam is the market leader in bancassurance through the partnership with leading foreign and local banks. It is also the only life insurer in the market that has developed a micro-insurance program for poor women in the rural areas in partnership with Vietnam Women’s Union. This meaningful program supports the government in universalizing insurance knowledge, contributing to the social welfare, decreasing poverty and instilling the habit of savings to the Vietnamese people.
Throughout its over 15 years of operations in Vietnam, Manulife Vietnam has successfully built a strong reputation and maintained its position among the top 3 players in the Vietnamese life insurance market.