Manulife Asset Management (Vietnam) Company Limited

Manulife Asset Management (Vietnam) Company Limited ("ManulifeAM (Vietnam)") is an affiliate of Manulife Asset Management.  Our value and expertise that we provide our clients are based on the integration of three elements that form the foundation of our investment management process: Culture of managing risk, teams of talented investment managers and organizational strength. 

ManulifeAM (Vietnam) was licensed by the Ho Chi Minh City Planning and Investment Department under Business Registration Certificate No. 4104000117 on June 10, 2005 and received the Fund Management License No. 04/UBCK-GPHDQLQ from the State Securities Commission (SSC) of Vietnam on June 14, 2005; Amendment License No. 06/UBCK-GPHDQLQ dated 11 October 2007; Decision No. 413/QĐ-UBCK dated 12 July 2007 by the SSC; Amendment License No. 80/UBCK - GPĐC dated 16 November 2010; Amendment License No.13/UBCKNN-GPĐCQLQ dated 3 April 2008; Amendment License No. 23/GPĐC-UBCK dated 24 November 2011; Amendment License No. 39/GPĐC-UBCK dated 29 June 2012; Amendment License No. 05/GPĐC-UBCK dated 7 February 2014; and Amendment Licéne No.12/GPDC-UBCK date 10 June 2015  . ManulifeAM (Vietnam) is an independently managed fund management company, which reports to the SSC.

ManulifeAM (Vietnam) is fully staffed by licensed investment professionals and provides a full range of products and services commensurate with a top tier fund management company. Assets under Management as of December 31, 2017 amounted to VND 23,500 billion equivalent.

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